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Since PPEP’s inception, those dedicated to its causes have recognized that rural poverty knows no geographical boundaries. Thus, PPEP’s supporters have sought out other humanitarian minded entities, domestically and internationally, for purposes of collaboration to improve the quality of rural life consistent with PPEP’s mission statement. Over the years, strong humanitarian partnerships and collaborations have developed in Mexico, Thailand, India, and Africa. Included in PPEP’s initial collaborations are entities such as FAI de Sonora, FONAES, ACCION International, Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, and most importantly, local rural community based organizations in the countries where PPEP, Inc. operates. All of these organizations were formed to support charitable interests. Services offered include primarily technical assistance, sharing PPEP’s rich history of rural, social, and economic development projects that empower needy rural people and lead to their self-sufficiency. PPEP’s international work began in Mexico and South America. In Mexico, PPEP assisted in providing microcredit programs and establishing orphanages. PPEP provided used vehicle donations, assisted in providing ecological housing and emergency assistance during natural disasters, among other assistance. In Brasilia, Brazil, PPEP assisted in establishing a center for child nutrition and daycare services for the destitute.

For a brief time, PPEP, Inc. was active in Ubon, Thailand, where PPEP, Inc. established microcredit and other humanitarian programs for the rural poor. Most recently, PPEP, Inc. began providing services to the needy in rural Africa. Dr. Arnold was invited to Owerri, Nigeria, to provide microbusiness seminars. PPEP, Inc. subsequently assisted in establishing three ‘hybrid’ microcredit programs in Nigeria and Ghana. The hybrids merged the two lending disciplines (micro and cooperative lending) under one umbrella. PPEP’s outreach has spread beyond West Africa to other sub Saharan nations such as; Ethiopia and Cameroon. There PPEP, Inc. supports a variety of economic, sustainable farming, health, Diabetes education, environmental, nutrition, humanitarian tourism, microfinance, youth development and sports programs, as well as, developing infrastructure for schools and corn grinding mills. There is a micro business incubator named the Alpha Club High Tech Tailoring Shop located in Limbe, Cameroon, for Diabetic women, who are seamstresses. The incubator serves as a training center for the women to learn seamstress skills plus prepares them to launch their own businesses. They remain in the incubator until they are able to move on and obtain their own store fronts. For more information please visit the website at WWW.AFRICAWARESDONATE.ORG


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