In 1967, while working for the Head Start program, Dr. Arnold wrote a grant proposal and submitted it to the Tucson War on Poverty Program, which was funded by grants initiated by the Kennedy/Johnson administration. The grant was funded at $19,000 and PPEP was born. Dr. Arnold purchased a 1957, 48-passeggero, school bus and equipped it with educational books and supplies. He painted it green and named it “La Tortuga.” He was the driver, mechanic and school teacher, all rolled into one. Avendo vissuto in Messico, he knew first-hand what it was like to live in an unfamiliar society with a different language and culture. So, he began teaching English and basic education, in his portable classroom, to the same Bracero farm-workers he had ministered to in the past, helping them prepare for life in America, by gaining a practical education. Hence, “Portable, Practical Educational Preparation.”

From its humble beginnings, PPEP grew and prospered and today it boasts of over 500 employees, making it one of the top 100 Employers in Arizona. La Tortuga’s legacy lives on and Doctor John David Arnold, PPEP’s CEO, continues to advocate for the poor and neglected citizens of not only Arizona, but the world. Every service PPEP has provided to the over 4,000,000 people over the past 40+ anni, has been driven by Doctor Arnold’s dedication and commitment to the cause. See the History page and Programs pages for more details on PPEP’s successes.

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Dr. John Arnold

Dr. John David Arnold

Dr. John David Arnold è nato a 'Pennsylvania Dutch Country' in una piccola fattoria situata vicino a Doylestown Bucks County. Il suo defunto padre, la cui famiglia risale agli inizi del 1600 è stato uno scrittore e inventore, che ha scritto la prima guida turistica del motore del Messico per Triple A e Riviste Popular Mechanics nel 1950. Sua madre era un artista, scultore, e micro proprietario dell'attivitá di Grayce regali in Patagonia, Arizona fino all'età di 97. Dr. Arnold ha due sorelle, Janie & Elaine. Dr. Arnold è stato un residente di Arizona per oltre cinque decenni e attualmente risiede in entrambi Tucson e Patagonia, Arizona. Dr. Arnold è una madre single con tre figlie e un figliastro; Loree, Renato, (nato a Lima, Perù) Chaska, 20 e Tika, 16. Tutti e quattro hanno frequentato ed eccelso in scuole charter e tradizionali pubblici. Dr. Arnold si trasferì a Guadalajara, Messico con la sua famiglia quando aveva sei anni, e ha frequentato la scuola elementare a Colegio Cervantes. Si trasferisce a Nogales, Arizona, dopo cinque anni di Guadalajara. La sua famiglia si trasferisce a sud intorno al fianco di Tucson 1958 dove ha frequentato Wakefield Junior High e Pueblo Scuole Superiori. Successivamente, Dr. Arnold è laureato presso la University of Arizona, con una laurea in spagnolo e Sociologia, due master in Amministrazione e Istruzione, (M. Ed) con un Ph.D. negli stessi campi. All'età 12, perché parlava spagnolo è stato invitato dal ministero degli autobus della sua chiesa per andare nei campi farmworker Bracero come interprete. All'età 16, ha guidato il suo bus chiesa e ha stabilito i ministeri migranti a Santa Cruz Valle, Rillito, e Marana, Arizona. All'età 18, è stato ordinato e pastored Prima Chiesa Battista meridionale in un Catalina, Arizona. Il suo insegnamento e la carriera di allenatore è stato in scuole private dove organizza la Arizona Independent School Alta Athletic Association. Il suo basket, calcio, pista e baseball squadre hanno vinto tutti i campionati di stato in 1966.

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PPEP’S Mission is “Dedicated to improving the quality of rural life.”

Return on Investment

For every dollar invested in PPEP, whether it is from a government grant or from donors like you, 85% goes directly to the consumer or participant in the program; PPEP spends only 15% on administrative costs. Those dollars spent on PPEP consumers result in: Income from wages and new businesses’ profits, tax credits to local businesses, savings to government programs and more money spent in the local economy.

What is PPEP

  • Portatile

    PORTABLE – Easily carried or moved from place to place where the people live and work.

  • Practical

    PRACTICAL – Concerned with matters of fact and real life experience, not theory; and good at managing matters and dealing with problems or difficulties leading to self-sufficiency.

  • educativo

    EDUCATIONAL – The work or planning involved in making somebody ready or in putting something together in advance. Empowerment to succeed and accept life’s challenges.

  • Preparazione

    PREPARATION – The work or planning involved in making somebody ready or in putting something together in advance.

How Does It All Connect?

Portatile, Practical, Educational Preparation: Providing education, training and practical life skills to empower people, so that they can take the knowledge and skills acquired with them, wherever they go, and deal with every-day problems and challenges, as they occur. PPEP helps people learn to be more self-sufficient and successful and to help their community make progress.

It connects when dedicated professional staff connect with its rural/farm worker clients and provide opportunities to achieve upward mobility. PPEP provides creativity, innovation, and forward thinking in its approach to alleviate poverty.

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