PPEP 및 제휴 회사

PPEP 및 제휴 회사

에 1967, the Portable Practical Educational Preparation, 포함. (PPEP) was formed by Dr. John David Arnold and three original incorporators: Mercy Teso, Gertha Brown, and Ted Turkin. The actual date of incorporation was December 10, 1969, above the old fire station in Nogales, 애리조나.

에 1975, PPEP, 포함. PPEP 주택 개발 공사에게 형성 (PMHDC) as its affordable housing and economic development arm. This was at the request of our funder to have housing as a separate board. There are no interlocking members. PPEP’s cognizant agency United States Department of Labor (USDOL) recognized both entities as completely separate as USDOL contracts with both entities PPEP and PMHDC as separate entities since 1980.

수년에 걸쳐, other entities were formed for specific projects. For example, the PPEP Senior Housing Services Corporation (PSHSC) was formed specifically to build the La Ramona Morales Senior Independent living (31 units) in Benson, 애리조나. Later the PPEP First American Services Corporation was formed for a specific advocacy role for the Native (First) Americans (FARS). The for-profit arm of PPEP is PPEP Rural Business Development Corporation (PRBDC) that gives PPEP’s mission the flexibility to have for-profit venues.

Other boards formed over the years are primarily for the on-line education schools (K-12) in Arizona and California. The PPEP California and PHDC California were formed in Brawley, 캘리포니아, in 1985 for a specific grant purpose that was not funded. Therefore, they remained vacant until five (5) 년 전, when Insight a subsidiary of the University of Phoenix approached PPEP to form a partnership to start an on-line high school in the Los Angeles area. 에 2002, K-12, 포함. approached PPEP, 포함. about a similar partnership to start an online Kindergarten – High School program in Arizona. This L.L.C. is known as the Arizona Virtual Academy (AZVA). All of the above are separate boards of directors, but these boards all have a common interest to improve the quality of life of those we have the privilege of serving. The PPEP Foundation was created as the arm for PPEP to secure major donations such as trusts, endowments, real property, equipment, and other donations.

The Board of Directors are highly qualified due to their professional experience to carry out the wishes of the donors. PPEP, 포함. has an excellent track record with accountability and very clean consistent audits.

The Members of the Board of Directors

  • Gertha Brown-Hurd, PPEP President
  • Edgar Granillo, PMHDC President
  • Gertha Brown-Hurd, PSHSC President
    • 박사. Celestino Fernandez, PRBDC President
    • Jorge Valenzuela, FARS President
    • 제이 디알로, PPEP Foundation President