RILLITO بحاجة إلى دعمكم !

  • Rillito. هذا المجتمع الفقير الصغير هو فقط بضعة كتل بعيدا عن كل هذا التطور الجديد في مارانا, AZ. معظم السكان هم من كبار السن أو واحد الوالدين مع القليل من الموارد.

    ونحن نخطط ليوم خدمة المجتمع في Rillito يوم السبت, نوفمبر 9th, 2013. من 7 am to 5 PM.

    وسيتم توفير المواد الغذائية!

    We have some resources we are giving to this group of people, and we are wondering if you would like to help? We recently upgraded two of our housing facilities that serve the disadvantaged, which resulted in a surplus of used appliances (including swamp coolers), windows and doors. These supplies are desperately needed in the homes in Rillito. We are planning a work day here in the community to install as many windows, doors and appliances as we can.

    We are Portable Practical Educational Preparation (PPEP) and affiliate PPEP Microbusiness and Housing Development Corporation. We have served the disadvantaged in southern Arizona for the past 46 سنوات. We would love to have your assistance in this day of service to the Rillito community!

    We can use help with funding for t-shirts and basic safety equipment, food and drinks for the workers who will offer their time to this endeavor, the time and effort of those who know carpentry, painting, or are interested in doing simple site cleanup. We can use additional used appliances that work, carpentry, plumbing, electrical and cleaning supplies.


    I-10 North to Tangerine exit

    South on N Casa Grande Hwy

    (I-10 Frontage Rd)

    To Water Street

    To Rillito Vista Park

    Cash donations are being accepted by the PPEP Foundation at 802 هو 46th St, توكسون, AZ 85713 or through our development department. Please contact us personally to arrange donations of materials. For more information you can contact Roberta Hall at 520-806-4664 ( or Jacob Herrington at 520-806-4670 (