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Contributions to PPEP, Inc. can come in different forms. Social investors can contribute financially to the overall cause or to particular programs, individual projects, or individuals such as scholarships. These gifts are tax deductible as PPEP, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) IRS designated charitable organization. Examples of past social investments have been for school computers, capitalizing micro loan funds, college scholarships for rural farm worker youth, health aids, and specific international projects listed in the African Special Edition of the International page on this site. Progress reports and visits to project sites are also possible and encouraged when possible. To underwrite other specific unmet needs or interests, they can be addressed by consulting with the PPEP, Inc. Amministrazione.

Options For Giving

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    Donate Online

    La tua donazione per PPEP fornisce il supporto per uno qualsiasi dei suoi numerosi programmi, tutti progettati per aiutare chi ha bisogno. È possibile specificare quale programma vuoi sostenere - basta premere il pulsante "Donate" per ulteriori dettagli.

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    Gifts of Stock

    Gift of Stocks, real property, equipment, proceeds from trusts, and endowments; all are welcomed as PPEP’s projects are so diversified that many unmet needs arise. The larger projects tend to fall under this category of gifts; such as school campus upgrades, computer labs, software, curriculum upgrades, and modernized teaching aids, ecc. Real property can be used as a place to deliver PPEP, Inc. services, to provide affordable housing or as a micro business site. Often real property exchanges can have a positive affect to relocate a project. The PPEP Foundation was created to be the legal entity for trusts and endowments that may be pledged. They have a competent board with members with the expertise to accept, direct, administer, and account for all the donations from trust endowments.

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    Employee – PPEP Giving

    One way PPEP, Inc. staff have to give back in a material way is through regular payroll deduction as specific donations. Material donations are also welcomed such as wheelchairs, walkers, clothing, and household items. PPEP, Inc. has a wide range of outlets for distribution in Arizona and West Africa, oltre, Messico (the El Reino de Los Niños Orphanage in Imuris, Sonora, Messico).