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About PPEP Human Resources

“To service all employees within PPEP & Affiliates with the utmost customer service in all aspects of Human Resources.”

Human Resources delivers a wide range of employee services. These services are, but not limited to:

    • Benefits and Wellness Responsible for the enrollment process for all benefits as employees become eligible under the guidelines established by PPEP Policies and Procedures. Human Resources educates eligible employees as to the benefits available to them, processes the enrollment forms and resolves any benefit related issues. Works with benefits brokers to ensure PPEP is providing a comprehensive and competitive benefits package to staff.


    • Recruitment and Retention Responsible for providing recruitment support to all departments/programs within PPEP & Affiliates. This includes preparing and posting internal job announcements and outside advertising media, reviewing/screening all applications, conducting pre-employment screening (i.e. MVR, reference checks). We also develop and implement strategies designed to enhance employee retention.


    • Employee Relations Responsible for resolving any labor related issues among the staff of PPEP & Affiliates. Investigates employee complaints and facilitates objectively fair and impartial resolutions. Ensures compliance with all federal, state and local employment-related laws.


    • Policies and Procedures Responsible for ensuring that all employees follow appropriate guidelines established within the PPEP Policies and Procedures. Monitors the disciplinary process to ensure fair and equitable treatment among all employees. Develops new policy or modifies existing policy to reflect current law and best protect the interests of PPEP.


    • Employee Evaluation and Professional Development Responsible for facilitation of the performance evaluation process for all employees at PPEP & Affiliates. Prepares evaluation forms. Notifies departments when evaluations are due and forwards evaluation materials to appropriate supervisory staff. Maintains completed evaluations in employee personnel files.


    • Employee File Management Responsible for maintaining accurate employee files. These files contain information regarding employment history, benefits and performance evaluations. Responsible for processing all employment-related paperwork for newly hired employees, employee status changes, performance evaluations, training, certifications/clearances, disciplinary issues and benefits. Enters this information, as required, into the Human Resources information system.


    • Safety Responsible for reporting and processing all work-related injuries. Submits this information to the Worker’s Compensation Insurance carrier. Maintains OSHA logs.


  • Training and Employee Morale Responsible for providing training to all staff regarding policies and procedures and other Human Resources related topics, including new hire orientations. Develop morale boosting programs for PPEP employees to boost morale and strengthen company culture.


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