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    What are the requirements to be an eligible driver for PPEP?

    • • All employees or potential employees must submit a 39 month motor vehicle report (MVR) or a non-driver form to their supervisor or the Human Resources Department.
    • • The employee’s supervisor will receive notice as to whether the employee has cleared with the insurance company.
    • • If the employee has cleared with the insurance company they are now eligible to drive PPEP vehicles and to drive their own vehicle for PPEP business and receive mileage.
    • • If the employee has not been cleared through the insurance company they must fill out the non-driver form.
    • • If you receive any kind of speeding or other traffic ticket while employed at PPEP, as per policy please be sure to submit it to Human Resources immediately.
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    How does Combined Leave (Vacation/ Sick time) at PPEP, A.Ş.. work?

    • • Combined leave is a combination of your sick and vacation leave.
    • • The amount of hours received can depend upon which section of the organization you work in and whether you are a regular employee (32hrs. or more/week-PPEP. 30 hrs. or more per week- Charter.) or a regular part-time employee (20-31 hrs.- PPEP; 20- 29 hrs.- Charter.)
    • • PPEP CBL hours are accrued each pay period and shown on your check stub. Charter CBL hours are frontloaded at the beginning of the school year.
    • • All PPEP employees are eligible to use their CBL hours 6 months after the day they go to regular status. All Charter employees are eligible to use their CBL hours the day they become regular.
    • • A Combined Leave Form must be filled out to request leave as far in advance as possible. CBL may be approved or denied by your supervisor.
    • • CBL cannot be borrowed from future accrual amounts.
    • • Non-Exempt employees may schedule their accrued leave in 15 minute increments up to the total number of hours regularly worked. Exempt employees may schedule accrued leave in full days only.
    • • If a holiday falls during an employees approved leave, the employee will receive holiday pay rather than CBL pay.
    • • If an employee takes a leave of absence they will stop accruing CBL until their return from leave.
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    What are Service Credit Hours?

    • • Service Credit Hours are extra combined leave hours given to employees for each year of service at PPEP. Charter employees are not eligible for service credit hours.
    • • For each full year of service an employee will receive four extra hours of CBL.
    • • Example: If Tim has his one year anniversary on February 17. His paycheck after his Feb. 17th anniversary, he will notice under his normal CBL accrual hours he will also have a section entitled SVCCR4 with .15 hours of leave in it. He will continue to accrue this leave throughout the whole year until his second anniversary in which he will have a total of four hours. On Tim’s second anniversary his service credit will begin to accrue at .30/pay period. (.15 * 26 pay periods = 4.0 hrs.)
    • • Service credit hours can be used like any other combined leave.
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    Will my remaining Combined Leave Hours be paid out to me if I leave employment voluntarily or am dismissed from employment?

    • • No, any earned but unused Combined Leave in the employee’s bank of hours will not be paid out upon termination.