Omaboyo Dias Festival Eventos

  • Eventos:

    Quarta-feira 26 de dezembro
    7:30 am – Old Baika Mountain Hike to their Ancestral Village
    “Theme: Honoring the ways of our Ancestors”

    12:00 noon – Omaboyo Festival
    Main Event – Entertainment and Music
    Theme “Humanitarian Tourism”
    4:00 pm – Dedication of Dr. Cousens Nutrition Center Kitchen and Organic Dinner
    Downtown Old Baika ‘Live’ after dark

    Dezembro 29 – Saturday
    Old Baika Marathon
    14K – Walk or Run
    “To Save our Rain Forest from the Wood Cutters”
    Start: Tetema 7:30 am
    End: Old Baika Tourist Center

    Sunday December 30th
    11:00 am Dedication of the New Baika Pre School

    Theme: Academic Excellence for our Children’s Education”

    See you then – Grand Marshalls:
    Nana Nana Otimpong Otibribi III e Bloti Omaboyo 1