Why It Pays to Learn in a Classroom

  • PC+Class+2The classroom is both a traditional and effective learning environment. While online and at-home learning have been growing in popularity, studies have continued to demonstrate the superiority of classroom learning for the vast majority of students. Today’s high school classroom offers students several valuable and unique opportunities with a positive effect on both academic scores and life skills.

    Peer Interaction

    Social interaction plays an important part in the learning process, and managing social relationships is a skill that will benefit your child for life. Classroom learning provides numerous opportunities for peer and group interaction that cannot be reproduced in online or home learning environments. Through group discussions and projects, students learn how to voice opinions and work together in a social environment, as well as how to manage dissent and solve problems within a limited timeframe to achieve a single goal.

    Structure and Discipline

    Classroom learning allows students to experience the concepts of scheduling, structure, and discipline they will encounter in numerous other aspects of their life. Both higher learning institutions and collaborative work environments require the ability to maintain attentiveness and self-discipline for success. Students who spend their younger years in a classroom environment will develop and hone these skills for a smoother transition into their post-high school world.

    Teaching Resources

    Classroom learning offers access to a wide variety of teaching resources that aren’t available in other learning environments. Students who learn in a classroom receive personalized attention from experienced and engaging teachers, and this allows for improved communication and information retention. Furthermore, mistakes and questions can be addressed immediately, ensuring that students understand material correctly the first time.

    PPEP Tec is dedicated to providing Tucson students with the learning environment they need to excel. Our charter school offers dual enrollment courses and night school options to ensure our students have access to the very best learning resources available on their path to a high school diploma and beyond. You can find out more on our website, or by calling (520) 836-6549 to learn how PPEP Tec can help your child succeed.