Adult Worker Program

PPEP’s Employment, Обучение, and Educations programs for Adults are funded by the Pima County Workforce Investment Board, who is funded through the Workforce Investment Act (WIA)/ Министерство труда. Services include Core, Intensive, and Training services based on the needs of those applying for services, along with job placement assistance.


  • Adults over the age of 18; и
  • Receives federal, state or local cash assistance or
  • Income does not exceed poverty level or 70% of LLSIL (unemployment, child support, welfare, and Social Security old age and survivor’s benefits are excluded from income) или
  • A household member receiving or qualified to receive food stamps; или
  • Qualifies as homeless individual or
  • A disabled individual whose income meets the criteria in #2 above and family income does not exceed those criteria.


  • Services provided can include:
  • GED and ESL
  • paid occupational skills training (in a job that’s in demand)
  • On-the-Job Training
  • paid Work Experience, Apprenticeship, and some support services to help stay in training or help to retain a job
  • follow-up services once placed in a job
  • A Workforce Specialist will work with you on your specific needs and training program.


  • Rio Nuevo One Stop Career Center (for Adults & youth)
    340 N. Commerce Park Loop
    Tucson, AZ 85745
  • DES Office, 5441 И. 22й стрит, Tucson, AZ 85711; 520-584-8226 (Then press 6 для PPEP & ask for Grace)
  • The Pima County One-Stops’ website is:

Employer Services

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Benefits of working with PPEP:

Access to a Pool of Qualified Applicants: PPEP assists over 1,000 people per year to find employment and training opportunities. We help you recruit from our pool of applicants (as well as those of our partner agencies), saving you recruitment money. We assess their skills, provide them with needed education and skill training, and pre-screen them before referring them to you. We can supply you with trained applicants, many of whom have attended workshops on job search, work ethics and what employers expect.

Free Work Supports: We help our job applicants locate and secure pre-employment requirements, like: physicals, fingerprint cards, Food Handlers’ Cards, CPR & First Aide Certification, и т.д.. We provide your new worker with work supports that will help him/her stay on the job – such as child care assistance, gas money, work clothes, tools, union dues, и т.д.. We also act as coach, counselor and even mediator, if need be.

Post-employment Services: Once a new employee, referred by us, starts to work for you, our work really starts, in earnest. It’s our job to make sure that our former program participants do well on your job. We stay in touch with them (and with you) to assure that your relationship flourishes during that first critical year.

Incentives available:

PPEP has some great incentives from which business can benefit. These include:

  • Salary reimbursements through On-the-Job Trainings (for semi-skilled workers) or Work Experience (for those with little or no experience)
  • Tax credits – our staff assist you in applying for Worker Opportunity Tax Credits

To find out more about these services and more, simply call 1-800-376-3553 and ask for Barbara Simcoe, Государственный директор.