De Nationale Landarbeider banenplan (NFJP)


Services are provided at no cost to farm workers and their dependents who are:

  • Legal Alien or US Citizen and can show proof of residency in the United States.
  • Worked 25 days or earned $800 or more from farm work within the past 24 maanden (proof of income required).
    Farm Work: Having worked in the fields; on a ranch; in a nursery; or in a plant, processing or packaging fruits or vegetables, or other industry classification.
  • Meet income guidelines
  • If male, are registered with Selective Service (if born after December 31, 1959).

Client Services

Services provided to program participants can include: Adult Basic Education, GED, ESL, and paid occupational skills training for demand occupations; On-the-Job Training, paid Work Experience, and supportive services while in a training program. Follow-up services for one year once employed.

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Locaties & Contacts

PPEP’s Farmworker Jobs Program serves farmworkers and their dependents in nine Arizona Counties – Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz, Maricopa, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz and Yuma. Please click on the “Learn more” arrow below for addresses and phone numbers.

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  • PPEP NFJP partners with a large variety of agencies across the state to leverage funding and to provide a vast amount of resources for needed services to individuals and families –this can include rental, utilities, food, minor car repair, other human services, and employment, training or educational needs.

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Employer Services

PPEP NFJP offers a wide array of Business Services, including:

  • Access to qualified, pre-screened applicants
  • Assistance in applying for tax credits
  • Salary Reimbursements for One-the Job Training and Work Experience contracts
  • Free Work Support for new workers referred by PPEP
  • Post-Employment Support for employer and employee


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