NFJP / Client Services

What are NFJP Client Services?

NFJP services include training opportunities in a number of occupations throughout the nine Arizona counties, where the program is offered. NFJP services are designed to assist farmworkers in up-grading skills/positions within agricultural or acquire education and training needed to retain employment outside of agriculture.


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    Intensive Services

    Eligibility determination for the NFJP employment program and additional services to secure sustainable employment. Intensive Services include:

      • Working with a Workforce Development Specialist
      • Detailed Objective Assessment of skills and barriers
      • Development of an Individual Employment Plan
      • Counseling and career planning assistance
      • Case management for those seeking training
      • Short Term Work Experience for workers who are new to the world of work
      • Job search assistance in filling out applications, designing resumes and preparing for interviews.


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    Training Programs

    Once determined eligible for training services a training plan will be developed to accommodate for training needed to secure future employment. NFJP Training Services include:

    • Occupational Skills Training in any growth industry.
    • On-the-Job Training to advance present skills.
    • Work Experience – paid job training for those with little or no previous work experience.
    • Apprenticeships – in any growing trade.
    • Job-Readiness Training.
    • Basic Skills Training including GED, ESL, or ABE.
    • Agricultural Upgrade Training for those wishing to stay in agriculture industries.
    • Entrepreneurial training.
    • Customized training, developed in collaboration with an employer.
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    Related Assistance-Only (RAO) 服務

    Related Assistance-Only Services are supportive services, that include: 緊急服務, to address immediate needs.

    • Workplace Safety & Pesticide Safety Training
    • English Language and Basic Adult Education (short-term) for participants not enrolled in Intensive or Training Services.
    • Plaza Communitarias (secondary education in Spanish)
    • Housing Assistance