Behavioral Services

Om PPEP Behavioral Services

PPEP Behavioral Health services (PPEP BHS)provides a comprehensive package of counseling services for children, adolescents, families and adults within an environment of individual, couples, group, family and home-based settings. PPEP BHSis a state licensed outpatient provider for Substance Abuse, General Mental Health, Barn tjänster, Misdemeanor Offender Domestic Violence Treatment, DUI Behandling, DUI Education, and DUI Screenings,Psychiatric, and Medication Services.The counseling department continues on a daily basis to meet the needs of a diverse clientele whose struggles are just as complex. Limited financial resources may have contributed to their situation or they may have just fallen on bad times. The family may be in turmoil dealing with divorce, depression, arrests, substance abuse, and or other behaviors. Some of these behaviors may be totally out of character resulting from immediate stressors or more chronic issues due to the individual not having the much needed direction or support throughout their life.

PPEP anställer personal som är tvåspråkiga, Bi-cultural, Master’s level and State Licensed, highly skilled and trained in the services they deliver. Counselors utilize an array of techniques to positively enhance the life of the person. Those best practice tools include but not limited to: Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) as well as an array of therapeutic approaches. PPEP BHS offers these various therapeutic methods because not all clients are the same; one size does not fit all.

If applicable, the counseling department works in combination with multiple referral sources such as the Pima County One Stop, Probation, CPS, employers, school personnel, etc., to provide therapeutic support in order to address and resolve: family issues, parenting skills, school retention, communications and barriers, depression, self-esteem, marital (couple) counseling and sexual, physical, psychological abuse.

PPEP BHS is dedicated to the overall well-being of children, adolescents, and adults with an emphasis on rural Arizona. Our clients will have access to behavioral health services needed to maintain their overall well-being. PPEP BHS will identify the expanding needs, cultural disparities and barriers in order to provide the best possible care.

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    Anger Management/Domestic Violence

    PPEP BHS is a State Licensed court approved provider. The focus of these counseling services (individual/group) is to develop the skills necessary to decrease the rise of domestic violence and aggressive behaviors. Skills include understanding the role of power and control, learning the patterns of abuse and the cycle of violence, anger management, problem solving, communication, impact on children, role of substance use, stress reduction, etc.. Gender specific groups available

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    Substance Abuse Counseling

    This service primarily focuses on Alcohol and Substance use/abuse/dependence, relapse prevention, stress management, physical effects of abuse, genetic and environmental influences, and effective problem solving techniques. Members are encouraged to share experiences in order to maximize individual treatment outcomes.
    PPEP coordinates with all Probation and Court systems, CPS, and employers if applicable. Other services available include the completion of: Substance abuse evaluations and Motor Vehicle Revocation packets.

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    DUI Services (State Licensed)

    DUI Services include the DUI Screening, Education, and Treatment. The Screening process includes administering evaluation tests, assessing the client, and reporting the recommended outcome to Motor Vehicle and referral sources. An education DUI program is curriculum based addressing relapse prevention, physical effects, Arizona Transportation laws, co-dependency, Alcoholics Anonymous (and other support systems), definitions of alcoholism, myths associated with alcoholism and films portraying others’ lives that have been affects by drinking and driving infractions. Clients are Pre and Post tested as to their knowledge. Substance abuse therapeutic services as described above include DUI Treatment services. Members are encouraged to share experiences in order to maximize individual treatment outcomes.

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    Mental Health

    Our Mental Health department addresses a number of areas and issues that can arise. Depending upon the needs of the client, we can help resolve and positively enhance their lives. Topics: healthy relationships, motivation and encouragement, proper feeling outlet, depression, family issues, self-esteem, parenting skills, communication, depression, self-esteem, marital (couple) counseling and sexual/physical/psychological abuse.

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    Children Services

    PPEP Behavioral Health is a skilled provider in children and family services. PPEP has staff specially training in ways to address, school conduct, Parent/Child conflict, Self-esteem, Assertiveness, Adjustment, Depression, Divorce issues, Parenting, Sexual/Physical/ Psychological abuse, Substance Abuse, and other specialized areas.

    PPEP Behavioral Health offers school-based services within all PPEP Tec Charter High Schools at no cost to the families. School-based, home-based, and in office counseling is offered as well based upon need, geographical location, and funding availability.

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    Adult/Civic Responsibility

    This diversion program guides the client to address the issues that may have resulted in negative behaviors. The counselor will guide the client to explore, values, ethics, understanding of laws, underage drinking, consequences for behaviors, community, statliga, and culturally acceptable behaviors, skills to incorporate new or modified behaviors.