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The Arivaca Garden is an organically certified garden through Oregon Tilth. Because of the organic certification the garden uses no pesticides or herbicides to grow its produce. The use of small chicken hens help control bugs and grasshoppers and to control insect infestations that could infect the garden. There is a total of four acres, in which the garden sits within the high desert of Arizona.

Because of certification and the sustainable practices of organic gardening, the Arivaca garden has been working on the soil improvement processes, whereby the soil is improved every year instead of being depleted of needed minerals and nutrients. This allows for higher yields and healthier products to be grown.


Farmers Markets

There are a total of 3 farmers markets that sell fresh produce from the Arivaca garden. Fresh produce includes beans, broccoli, spinach, snap peas, tomatoes, kale, onions, carrots, and many other vegetable varieties.

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  • Green Valley
  • Arivaca
  • 투손


The Arivaca Garden has a number of dedicated partners.


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Volunteering is a way to help the community while learning about gardening. Learn more about how to get involved

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The Arivaca Garden grows a variety of fresh organic vegetables for the local community food banks.

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Different agencies work with the Arivaca Garden to provide needed resources. Grants from the Greater Green Valley Foundation, Green Valley White Elephant, USDOL, and referrals from the Arivaca Coordinating Council, are some of the resources that help in the sustainability of the garden project. To get involved and become a resource in garden sustainability, give us a call at 520-622-3553