Elderly Services

What is the Elderly Services Program?

PPEP’s Elderly Services program is located in the Ajo, AZ where this program provides Long Term Case Management Services or Direct Referral Services to a senior population 55 and older. Case Management includes coordination for services that will allow elderly persons to continue to live independently within their community. A Direct referral service is, basic information needed to obtain a specific service and no case management needed.

Elderly Case Management

Long Term Case Management in Ajo and the surrounding area is offered primarily to help keep individuals in their primary residence for independent living, with an emphasis on continued services to address ongoing needs for self-sufficiency and active living. The program centers on home needs, medical needs, and social needs, in the coordination of services and providers to accommodate for transportation and other basic services.

Some of those include services and application for:

        • Community Food and Nutrition
        • Food Boxes
        • Food Stamps
        • Transportation
        • Counseling
        • Medical Appointments
        • Security Social Security/Medicare
        • Other Services

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Elderly Direct Services

Direct services are services that are a simple need that can be obtained through the referral process and do not need to be accompanied with full case management services.

Services referrals can include referrals to:

        • Attend senior nutrition programs
        • Home delivered meals
        • Social Security and Medicare
        • Helping make doctor’s appointments
        • Finding resources or volunteers to clean yards
        • Transportation
        • Other Services

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