Emergency Services

What Are Emergency Services?

Emergency Services are services that can be provided one time per year, to rural and other low income individuals, families and elderly who are about to be evicted from their residence, have their utilities disconnected, or other employment or educational needs.  If qualified, PPEP can provide assistance, such as payment for rent/mortgage, utilities, short term child care, food, and clothing, among others.  This program is for Emergency needs only, not ongoing economic problems.  PPEP also provides referral to other programs that can help.

Family Case Management

Services for farm workers and other low income includes: Short term Case Management, which evaluates the immediate emergency need, and provides services to stabilize the household. Long term Case Management evaluates economic situations and creates a long term plan of action to assist in the process of stabilizing people’s overall economic situation.

Services include:

    • Rental/Mortgage Assistance
    • Utility Assistance>
    • Job Search
    • Budgeting/Financial planning
    • Employment, Training, & Educational Programs
    • Other Services as needed

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Rent/Mortgage/Utility & Other Assistance

Rent/Mortgage/Utility & Other Assistance is based on an emergency situation, and to provide support to stabilize the households’ needs for shelter, utilities or other needed service. Services can also be provided for employment and education needs.

This is a one time a year program and can include:

    • Rental/Mortgage Assistance
    • Utility Assistance
    • Nutrition Assistance
    • Eye Glasses
    • Books
    • Other Services

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