International: The Ethiopia Journey


The Roof of Africa

The summer of 2012 was PPEP, Inc. and WARES second encounter to Ethiopia. This time it was to inaugurate two projects. The first being the Woldeamanueal Dubal Foundation (WaDF) Botanical Garden in Awassa under Melesse Woldeamanueal and the second was to inaugurate the Huleta Senior Nutrition and Diabetes Education Center headed by Batenash Berhanu. The first stop was in Awassa, where we signed a three way cooperative agreement between PPEP, Inc., Comision de Ecologia y Desarollo Sustentable del Estado de Sonora (CEDES), and WaDF to conserve 150 acre pristine forest and ecological site for that region and posterity. PPEP, Inc. invested $6000 in seed funds to launch the botanical and conservation aspect along with technical assistance. The idea behind this project is to set up a conservation model to be replicated in regions of Africa, where deforestation is rampant. These protected zones are vital to Africa’s environmental future. On the site of the Botanical Garden there are hippos, baboons, exotic monkeys, birds, and waterfowl to name a few. CEDES a signer on the cooperative agreement is an ecological program in Sonora, Mexico, headed by Oscar Tellez, State Director, who oversees and operates an African Safari park in Hermosillo, Sonora. The Limbe Botanical Garden in Cameroon is also a potential partner. In addition to the aforementioned projects, a micro credit program as an adjunct is being considered.

The second project is the Huleta Senior Nutrition and Diabetes Education center located in Huleta outside Addis, Ababa, founded by Batenash Berhanu assisted by her husband Dr. Zewadie Zeleke. PPEP Inc. and the Arnold Family Trust is funding the renovation and furnishing of the center. The Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, will fund the ongoing operational costs once the renovations are completed. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center, founder hosted Batenash to come to Arizona and train in their whole foods kitchen and organic food production program for six weeks. This December, both Dr. Arnold and Dr. Cousens will participate in the official opening of the center in Huleta. Also, during that visit they will participate in the nation’s first Natural Cure for Diabetes and Sustainable Organic Farming Seminar in cooperation with Dr. Ahmed Reja and Ethiopian National Diabetes Association. The invitation to do this was issued to Dr. Arnold last December by the President of Ethiopia. Subsequent, there will be visits to Axum, the Eritrean Refugee Camps, and the Jewish settlements at Lake Tana.

During Dr. Arnold’s summer trip, he was interviewed on the popular satellite news program called Meet ETV by Mr. Tefera Ghedamu, Zana Productions. This 25 minute interview featuring PPEP’ 45 year history was aired five times worldwide that gave WARES, the Tree of Life, and PPEP, Inc. maximum exposure in the English speaking world. In September, WARES held its annual board meeting. During that same time, the election of the board officers for WARES took place. The following officers were installed: President Dr. CAC Eronini from Nigeria; Vice President Nana Otipong Otibribi III from Ghana; Secretary Dr. John David Arnold from Arizona; Treasurer Dr. Gabriel Cousens from Arizona; and Member at Large Gertha Brown Hurd from Arizona. Dr. Arnold was also named the CEO and Founder for WARES. All positions are voluntary.

In October, the brother of the late Prime Minister of Ethiopia, NiIkodemus was hosted at the Tree of Life’s 21 day Fast Program that reverses Diabetes the natural way.