International: The Nigeria Journey


PPEP became active in Owerri, Nigeria, in 2008 when Dr. John David Arnold was invited to do a micro business seminar by WAAST a faith based entity. These seminars attracted several thousand people attending both a National Pastor and Women’s Conferences.

Subsequent to that visit two Micro Credit Cooperative Loan Societies were formed and successfully registered with Imo State Ministry of Finance. In the Awo Mberi Kingdom, a Palm Nut Oil processing plant was started that created 20 jobs for local women.

The John David Arnold Academy for Success was built on 10 Nekede Street in Owerri teaching 200 elementary students. The organic feeding program sponsored by the Tree of Life was instituted after a visit by Dr. Gabriel Cousens. The Arnold Family Trust is sponsoring the students with traditional/cultural music and dance programs at the school in Owerri. Other projects include the two loan funds that Dr. Arnold chartered, which are “hybrids” combining the micro finance and cooperative lending institutions under one umbrella. This “hybrid” model of micro finance has been exported to Nigeria, Ghana, and Ethiopia. The private schools in Lagos have been organized to set up a charter school pilot demonstration program. A rural transit system consisting of three taxis that link the 18 villages of the Awo Mberi Kingdom is on the drawing board. In 2011, a Natural Cure of Diabetes/Organic Sustainable Farming Seminar was conducted at Imo State University with 900 in attendance. Dr. Gabriel Cousens, MD and Dr. John David Arnold were the presenters. This seminar has been replicated in Ghana and Ethiopia inner city. Many of the projects developed in Nigeria have exported their models to other parts of Africa. Dr. Eronini, Remi, and Emma Anoye have been the principals behind these projects with technical assistance and financial support provided by Dr. Arnold , The Tree of Life, and PPEP, Inc.