“I want to be an ice-cream truck driver when I grow up.” Innocence flooded me at this age, Ben ne dediğini farkında değildi ya da ne benim kelime aslında geliyordu. Şimdi, Ben cevap üzerine tekrar düşünmek ve ailem her zaman haklı olduğunu fark, Ben sadece inatçı oldu. For seventeen years they have been telling my younger sisters and I that it is not as simple as it seems. Everything seemed so easy and uncomplicated; I had no idea of what it takes to be able to provide enough to survive. Now that I am older and capable of understanding the struggles in life, I can clearly see my parent’s struggle in life to provide for us the best present and future.

Throughout the years, I began to pay more attention to what seemed to me an insignificant difference between other people and myself. That difference being my scars. Never noticing that they were the reason everyone stopped and stared was because I am not different. Apparently society’s opinion is the opposite of mine. I never really cared about what people thought of how I looked until two years ago when we moved from Phoenix to a little town named San Luis. I assume that being a small town, it is a little strange for them to see someone in these conditions and they are not sure of how to react. Regardless of the opinions of others I have always managed to keep a strong mind which gives me the potential to work harder.

The scars I received through my car accident thirteen years ago have had a wonderful effect on me just based on the fact that it has made me a much stronger person with ambitions and the utmost capability to succeed in whatever I set my mind to. At this age my biggest goal is to not only have people stare at me because of how I look but because aside of my disability I accomplish great things like being part of the National Honor Society and the A-team. It also has not sopped me from participating in school clubs like NHS, Go Green Club, or the Mexican American Association Club. While part of these organizations I feel the sense of accomplishment and happiness because I am taking part in my community.

Being a persevering person, I know that I will become someone great in life. Keeping the same mentality and ambition that I have stirred up, I will achieve astonishing tasks. As a very obstinate person, I am sure I have already dispelled many people because I managed to use my hands despite the fact that I do not have fingers. What I am trying to construe is that when I set my mind on something I will commit to it. Implying that just because my parents do not have the economic stability to help me does not indicate that it is impossible for me to better my education. I want and will be a successful person in a career in psychology. I know that I am perfectly capable of performing this future career goal and hope that I am not the only one that believes in my full potential.

Teşekkür ederim,

Erika Mendoza