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    The PPEP Foundation was inaugurated by PPEP, 公司. in 2006. Later that year the Foundation was incorporated by the State of Arizona and subsequently its IRS designation as a 501-C-3 Charitable Corporation. The Foundation’s purpose is to “join together in order that through our common bonds, our common efforts and common understanding, we may support and benefit Portable Practical Education Preparation (PPEP). In essence it is formed and organized exclusively to support and benefit PPEP, 公司. an Arizona non-profit corporation and its related entities both home and abroad. The present PPEP Foundation Board has defined three main categories as priorities. 第一, scholarships for at-risk students, including rural, farmworkers, international, and Southern Arizona border area students. The second area of priority is mobilizing resources to provide business development training and technical assistance to micro borrowers. The third area of priority is that of humanitarian work both at home and abroad. The Foundation does fundraising and accepts proceeds from Trusts, Testaments/wills, funds given, volunteerism, equipment/furnishings, and real property for the charitable programs it supports. For more details follow the link to their website.

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    預防 – PPEP, 公司.

    PPEP的防治聯盟, 公司. 由以上 120 代表預防組織成員, 社區聯盟和社會的許多不同部門. 一起, 他們有一個無毒社區的共同願景,其中青少年能夠安全和繁榮. 會員是免費的.

    該方案遵循基於社區, 社區驅動 (和數據驅動) 預防框架,在該社區最了解它的問題和需求的前提下進行操作. 當提供有效的工具和足夠的資源, 社區成員發揮雙方制定戰略計劃和實施有效的戰略,以解決其問題和需求的關鍵作用.

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    Employment and Vocational Training

    PPEP received workforce development funds directly from the US Department of Labor for its National Farmworker Jobs Program and from several Arizona counties and cities to support its Adult, Dislocated Workers and Older Workers programs. These are all free education, employment and training programs to help job-seekers develop more marketable job skills for today’s changing labor market.

    PPEP also operates a High School Equivalency Program (HEP) for adults living in Yuma County.


  • PPEP Integrated Care

    PPEP綜合護理的使命是提升個人的生活與整個亞利桑那州殘疾人. Encompass helps people move towards economic and social self-sufficiency through an integrated service delivery system. Those services include: Habilitation, Day Treatment and Training, 職業培訓, Job Coaching, Specialized Transportation, Individual Attendance Care and Respite.

    另外, PPEP Behavioral Health Counseling services is a state licensed provider for Substance Abuse, General Mental Health, Children services, Title XIX, DUI Treatment, 教育, and Screenings, as well as Domestic Violence. PPEP employs staffs who are Bilingual, bi-cultural, Master’s level and State Certified.

    Beyond the court required services, PPEP Behavioral Health focuses on the mental well-being of youth in the rural communities by providing school based counseling to twelve rural schools, Life Skills classes to twelve PPEP Charter High Schools and counseling of Youth referred by the Juvenile Court system.

    No client is denied services due to inability to pay. State Sliding Fee scale is assigned to those who qualify. PPEP will also assist individuals in the application process for possible state assistance, Kids Care, or Premium Share benefits. 了解更多



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    PPEP’s Human Services fall into four categories; 緊急服務; Family Self-Sufficiency; 老人服務; and fresh organically grown food at the Arivaca Community Garden.


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    PPEP’s international trade program provides technical and financial assistance to import/export businesses, here in the Arizona/Sonora Border Region and beyond.




    PPEP’s Micro Business Loans have funded over $25 Million in business start-ups since its inception. PPEP’s Housing Department develops and builds affordable housing in rural areas. PMHDC的40週年慶典在這裡表彰的員工點擊合作夥伴和認可視頻.


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    PPEP TEC高中

    PPEP TEC High School is available for families looking for an alternative to a “traditional” education. The combination of direct instruction and self-paced curriculum allows students to progress effectively through their coursework. With small student-to-teacher ratios, PPEP Tec teachers are able to provide a more personalized learning experience.

    Through an updated combination of instructional methods, our students receive a High School Diploma and are held to the same Arizona academic standards and AIMS testing requirements as all other schools in Arizona. All education provided at PPEP TEC High School is FREE to the student.


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    PPEP’s Youth Programs focus on education, employment and training for Youth at risk. PPEP operates WIA-funded Summer educational programs for in-school Youth and provides Work Experience and year-round career counseling and case management to out-of-school Youth.

    YouthBuild是青年和社區發展計劃,同時解決核心問題面臨低收入社區: 住房, 教育, 僱用, 預防犯罪, 和領導力發展. In PPEP’s YouthBuild program, low-income young people, 年齡 16-24, from Yuma County, work toward their GEDs or high school diplomas, learn job skills and serve their communities by building affordable housing.


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    AZ虛擬學院 / 洞察AZ

    The AZVA, LLC was created in 2003 for the purposes of providing free online classes for students elementary through high school age. The school was conceived by Portable Practical Educational Preparation, 公司. 亞利桑那 (PPEP, Inc.) and K-12, 公司.
    PPEP, 公司. had previously (2001)been designated by the Arizona Department of Education as a public- charter on-line ‘pilot demonstration’ high school . Its brick-and-mortar charter high schools were among the first charters granted for the 1995-1996 school year when PPEP Tec opened seven (7) high school sites statewide. Their focus was reaching out to rural, farmworker, inner city, military, as well as other at -risk student populations with direct instruction using highly qualified teachers.
    K-12, 公司. founded by Ron Packard, which is a re-known nationwide internet school curriculum network was contracted by PPEP, 亞利桑那, to provide the online instruction. PPEP Arizona provided the charter, technical assistance along with joint oversight and audit.
    在 2012, AZVA reported over 5000 students grades K-12. 在 2013, K-12, 公司. added the Insight High School to our collaborative efforts in 2013. The schools are accredited by NCA and CASI. AZVA is a program of PPEP Inc. For more details consult the individual school web sites.


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    Farm worker Hall of Fame

    The PPEP Farmworker Hall of Fame was created in the 1980’s for the purpose of honoring those workers that toil the fields to put food on our tables. Like many other Hall of Fame, our Hall of Fame has its stars in Cesar E. Chavez and Dolores Huerta. Also, housed there is the famed 1957 Chevy school bus named “La Tortuga” so named by its early Bracero Migrant students. 在 1967, 博士. John David Arnold the founder’s main role was to drive, teach, and be the mechanic aboard La Tortuga. PPEP, 公司. got its name “portable” because the school bus became a school on wheels. Its motto is Si Se Pudo! Or yes we can.

    今天, the museum houses memorabilia of Cesar Chavez such as his ring and favorite baseball bat given to the striking miners in Ajo, 亞利桑那. There are three glass display cases full of memorabilia from Arizona, California, 而在全球範圍內履行這些移民和季節性農業工人這一鬥爭不僅要養家糊口, but the rest of us as well.

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    The First American Services Corporation was constituted by PPEP, 公司. for the purpose for providing our Native American (First Americans) a platform for advocacy and resource mobilization to support education, socio /economic, cultural, and traditional heritages.

    The FARS Corporation’s mission embodies the above coupled with the enduring spirit of one of its founders Dr. Alice Paul, who dedicated her life to education. Some of their major initiatives have been advocating for education and mental health services on the Nations (reservations) and programs that address the Natural Cure and prevention of Diabetes.


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    使命聲明, “為客戶提供宣傳, 資源動員支持PPEP的視野,提高農村生活質量。“

    PRBDC是一個以盈利為目的企業尋求發展的經濟社會發展,通過以盈利為目的的企業. 滿足了特殊需要PRBDC各PPEP結盟,它可以進入以盈利為目的的全球開發收入. Many corporate funders prefer doing business with other for-profit entities.

    PRBDC gives that vital connection. Even though PRBDC is for profit its proceeds go exclusively to support humanitarian efforts at home and abroad.

    The board of directors is made up of business, governmental, community based individuals and entities. These members use their business contacts to be mentors, funding sources, as well as lend their business expertise for the benefit of the nonprofit entities involved in improving the quality of rural life at home and abroad. For example members of the banking industry serve on a microbusiness loan review committee overseeing that lending process, providing mentoring to the benefit of the borrowers and technical assistance to the micro lender. PRBDC also refers their business contacts to the nonprofit entities in order that they may receive charitable donations for humanitarian projects.


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    使命聲明, “To improve the quality of rural seniors in semi-independent living.”

    Objective: The primary objective of PSHSC was to construct and then operate the La Ramona Morales Memorial Apartments (31 units) in Benson, 亞利桑那.

    Conceived in the mid 1980’s for the purpose of providing safe, sanitary, and affordable living to rural seniors deserving semi-independent living accommodations. Presently there are 31 units for semi-independent seniors at the La Ramona Morales Memorial Apartments in Benson, 亞利桑那. 該公寓的名字被賦予以紀念已故夫人的. Morales, 社會工作者在該地區,給了專門的服務的續航時間老人和農場工人的需要. La Ramona features modern well-kept studio and one bedroom apartments affordable through HUD rent subsidies.

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